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Artist | Digital Art
Hello, I love life, I love arts and I love you all! :blowkiss:
I also love animals, travel and beach! :love:

I am an International Tourism & Hospitality student and I love arts.
My inspiration for creating artworks comes from music, movies, books, nature, thoughts, dreams, life and reality...

And I believe each individual is different and unique, every person is beautiful. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, you are amazing in your own way! Best wishes and God bless! <3

You can always send an email to if you want to contact me.

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Hello, dear all!
How is everyone doing lately? Hope all is going well for you Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

Recently, I have found an incredible artist, her name is Elena. :iconameli-lin: 
She is a professional digital artist based in Ukraine. 
Her creations are a brilliant combination of digital paint and photomanipulation, contributing to a splendid visual excellence!

Elena has created many highly-detailed beautiful scenes for games. In addition, her gallery also includes many exquisite fantasy art as well as fan art. 
So let's all take a wonderful journey through her 
extraordinary creations! Gallery 

Garden with Round Trees by ameli-lin

Dressingroom by ameli-lin

Under water by ameli-lin

Pet shop by ameli-lin

Chicago cinema by ameli-lin

Canyon by ameli-lin

Basement by ameli-lin

Valeera Sanguinar by ameli-lin

Villain house by ameli-lin

Treasury by ameli-lin

Bookshop by ameli-lin

Port by ameli-lin

Be sure to check out her beautiful gallery! La la la la Love Heart 
And I hope you all have a wonderful week! Weeeeeee!!!!! :love: 

From the laughter of a child to the tears of a grown man, between the smile of a beauty and the grin of a devil, down to the deepest dark water and high up in the infinite outer space... every artwork created by different artists subtly captured certain level of thoughts and emotions, echoing through all of us, helping us find those lost feelings, allowing us to exploring a new world and inspiring us from the deep within...

This is a little collection of some wonderful artworks produced by equally wonderful artists, who have always been an inspiration to many of us. ( In random order ) 

Birth of an Immortal by CryoGfx

Birth of an Immortal by CryoGfx 
A great art piece that shows great energy and vibrancy. La la la la The dominating warm golden tone fits well with this powerful theme. Good usage of motion and lens blur, which adds great depth of field to the whole image. Stunning details teamed up with nice composition, contributing to this wonderful creation. 

A Sweet Friend by DraakeT 1500 by DraakeT
A Sweet Friend by DraakeT
A cool piece that presents a photo-realistic cinematic visual. Love The lens blur in the back not only allowed people to focus better on the center image but helped to gain a greater depth of field. Nice blending with all the light sources and items, smartchoice of models. The facial expression of unicorn was accurately presented, resonating with the title.  

Toxic Love by EstherPuche-Art
Toxic Love by EstherPuche-Art
Esther's style is iconic and elegantly dazzling. :D (Big Grin) I love all her works, the above one is recent. The model's face was expertly edited to become a reflection of the title "Toxic Love", a mixture expression of sorrow, scared and innocent. The position of her hands indicated that she desperately wanted to get this "Toxic Love" out of her body but her facial expression revealed she failed to do so. The brilliant color also fits the title as well as all the fine details. 

Forbidden Fruit by Des3rt
Forbidden Fruit by Des3rt
A fine piece with a nice concept. Clap The customized title font/effect makes it look like a movie poster. Nice position of the model collaborated with great blending and composition. The dark background feels mysterious and unpredictable, creating a magical atmosphere. 

Leader of the Gang by Art-Kombinat
Leader of the Gang by Art-Kombinat
A reflection of reality. :happybounce: Nice facial expressions for each characters, the satisfaction of the little girl is a good comparison. The message on the wall highlights the whole theme. Overall, a cute and funny compilation! 

Easter Bunn by Dmchk
Easter Bunn by Dmchk
A cool piece featuring a monster bunny. La la la la Love all the effect, detail and beautiful color. I could somewhat see it as a book cover for R. L. Stine's Goosebumps series haha! 

Robot-prithvi-enoch by 35-Elissandro
Robot-prithvi-enoch by 35-Elissandro
I am always a fan of hi-tech sci-fi theme. Giggle Great passion to transform a human model to a cyborg. Love the smoke effect. And the glowing eyes expressed a look of something mixed up with hatred and warning, maybe it is ready for an evolution? La la la la :D (Big Grin) 

Wind Flower , for you Elemental Wind by Mike-Uriel
Wind Flower, for you Elemental Wind by Mike-Uriel
A beautiful creation. w00t! Nice composition showing great interaction between the main character and the magical bird, which was connected and concentrated by the glowing necklace. Fine detail and accessories. Good lens blur and field depth. 

Lilith by Ermes-Buttolo
Lilith by Ermes-Buttolo
A beautiful dark creation. Nod Interesting combination of stocks, nice pose of the model and smart lighting. Dramatic clouds add a lot of dynamics. Love the soft glow from the burning fire! 

fallen angel by Vladlena111
Fallen Angel by Vladlena111
Such an emotional piece with beautiful effects and stunning detail! Clap 

Golden Gate by Heavenia
Love the composition and all the glitter! Love 

198 Alien Culture by Shorra
198 Alien Culture by Shorra
A cool funny and creative piece! Love all the vivid color and cute details! Clap 

Circus came by IrKos
Circus Came by IrKos
Great usage of lens flare and shadow, creating a wonderful and playful atmosphere. =P (Razz) 

Just A Hobby by adieyjunaidi
Just A Hobby by adieyjunaidi
A humorous art piece with beautiful color and unique style! :happybounce: 

Zombie Killer by Mcconville2515
Zombie Killer by Mcconville2515
A cool piece with great atmosphere that it almost looks like a poster for an upcoming video game! Love 

Rain of the Future (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena
Rain of the Future (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena
A stunning show of light and rain! La la la la 

Warriors by Lhianne
Warriors by Lhianne
A fabulous creation with great depth, cinematic lighting, color and detail! Clap 

Carousel for The Seahorses by samaposebe
Carousel for The Seahorses by samaposebe
Wonderful theme with stunning visual powered by great combination of amazing stock pictures. Woohooooo! 

Flutterby by Tracy-WilliamsArt
Flutterby by Tracy-WilliamsArt
Unique and wonderful! Beautiful editing on the depth of field. :D (Big Grin) 

Robocat by AnthonyHearsey
Robocat by AnthonyHearsey 
Yeeeeee! :happybounce: Nuu Love the concept! Fine detail and vision! 

There are so many more equally wonderful artworks out there, which always will be appreciated by us! Hug  


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